The Tasting Menu Meal

When a person visits a restaurant for the first time, the choices on the menu can be somewhat daunting unless they have a specific recommendation. One way that restaurant owners are attempting to create an introduction to a specific eatery is by offering a tasting menu, which is meant to be a series of small plates that will serve as a representation of the restaurant’s overall cuisine. In some areas, such as New York restaurants, the trend has picked up steam and many of the fine eateries of the city have created a standard tasting menu.

Another aspect of the tasting menu is in food criticism. Many critics rely on the tasting menu to provide a bigger picture about the restaurant. In this manner, a restaurant review will not hinge on a single main dish, but will be a better look at how the restaurant operates and the overall consistency of the quality of dishes. As restaurants and menus have continued to become more complex, the chef will need to offer a range of the dishes that are normally served and not just focus on one aspect of the restaurant. In addition, the tasting menu will need to be satisfying enough to take the place of a full meal.

The tasting menu also has another application that is becoming standard. Many people use the small plates as dinner party menus. The small portions offer plenty of time for a group of people to have conversations in between the courses. Another aspect of the dinner party menus that rely on the small plates is that a restaurant can cater a dinner party by offering a tasting menu. This kind of advertisement can work wonders and generate a large amount of traffic to the restaurant while at the same time expanding the scope of the services that the restaurant can provide.