The Private Dining Experience

Although it is less common now than in previous times, there are still a number of private dining rooms that exist only for celebrities and members. Also called a club restaurant, these locations exist only for a small clientele, but serve some of the most amazing food on the planet. While the majority of the population will never get to have a truly private dining experience, those that are fortunate enough to be on the membership list are able to enjoy the luxury of a small and intimate restaurant. Many of these club options will never appear in a restaurant guide, but will remain hidden except to their existing customers.

The tradition of the private dining room began in London, England and there are still some of these exclusive eateries that are open. Of the still existing London restaurants, The Ivy is certainly one of the most famous. After opening its doors in 1917, the private dining room has been a frequent haunt of celebrities and those involved with the theater scene in the city. The Ivy received a special Moet and Chandon award for restaurant excellence and is often cited as the best restaurant in the city. It has become so famous that a sister location has been opened in Los Angeles, California.

Another hot area for private dining rooms is New York City. Several of the exclusive restaurants have been featured in national dining magazines, with names like the 21 Club and Abboccato being held in high esteem. The former has ten private rooms in a renovated house and diners are treated to some of the best American cuisine in the country. Abboccato is an even smaller location, with the capability to host only 20 guests at a single time, thus extending the exclusivity an private feeling of the restaurant.