The Food Trucks Revolution

When most people think about food trucks, the imagine the infamous hot dog cart that is seen in every large city of the United States. However, the past decade has seen a large paradigm shift in the way that food trucks are viewed. In many cities, like Washington DC and Los Angeles, the trucks have become a delicacy, offering diners top notch meals in a timely manner. Many of these food trucks began as an offshoot from existing restaurants. In some cases, the trucks have become more famous than the original restaurant.

One city that has experienced rapid growth in the industry of food trucks is Washington DC, the capitol of the nation. Because there is such a large working population in the center of the city that takes a lunch break at approximately the same time, the trucks have created a welcome addition to the restaurant landscape of the city. Instead of worrying about how much time they have left on their break while sitting in a typical restaurant, a person can take a quick meal from one of the food trucks. Many of these mobile food eateries focus on fusion food, such as the famous Takorean truck that melds typical Korean barbecue with the presentation of Mexican tacos and tortillas.

While Washington DC is quickly becoming known for their food trucks, the capital of the mobile food industry is certainly Los Angeles. Diners in the LA area often consider the trucks to be the best LA food, especially when looked at from a value perspective. Serving nearly all types of ethnic foods, a person can use online databases to find out where their favorite food trucks will be at any given time. The food trucks in Los Angeles also have a late night audience as many of them stay open around the clock.