The Food Critic Anthony Bourdain

There are few names in the food and restaurant industry that are as well known as Anthony Bourdain, a chef that has involved himself in nearly every aspect of food. Although Bourdain was relatively well known as a chef, his break into the mainstream came when he published Kitchen Confidential, a book that exposed the hidden side of high class restaurants that most people never see. This book was not only a bestseller, but also vaulted Anthony Bordain into the stratosphere of food experts in the United States.

To push his fame even further, Anthony Bourdain teamed with the Travel Channel to create a show with the premise of travelling to disparate locations to explore the food culture of the area. Called No Reservations, the show has seen Bourdain become a food critic for many ethnic types of food as he travels to locations as diverse as Cambodia, Romania, and Morocco. With the popularity of No Reservations growing with each passing season, Bourdain has turned into a television personality, with appearances on many food related shows, such as the reality competition of Top Chef.

With his celebrity status, Anthony Bourdain has advanced the agenda of several food concerns. One of his most famous passions is for what is typically described as peasant food, including parts of animals that are not typically eaten in the Western diet. As such, he is often seen as a champion of street food, embracing the different techniques that are used to supply cheap and quick meals to people on the streets across the world. In addition, Anthony Bordain is a supporter of immigrant workers that often find employment in the kitchens of restaurants in the United States. As proof of his talent and contribution to food culture, Anthony Bourdain received a Who’s Who award form the prestigious James Beard Foundation.