Consumer basket in different countries

Consumer basket in different countriesMan and consumer basket
It is necessary for a man to eat, dress, keep your house, pay for services, and attend certain events throughout his life. On the basis of all these the annual food basket or a minimum subsistence level of a person is made.

The set of goods and services included in the consumer basket is different in climatic zones on the territory of the country. In the consumer basket the extent and structure of the population are vividly displayed.

Distribution of the consumer basket

The consumer basket is divided into several parts. The first part consists of food, the second – of non-food items, the clothes, underwear, medicines, in the third part – services, transportation, going to the cinema, etc. are included.

Each country defines the structure at the state level of the consumer basket.

The price of the consumer basket depends on the level of life of the country. Calculations are made according to the government fixed lowest prices. The higher is the economic status of the country, the more items are included in the basket.

The percentage division of the basket in parts is also different for different countries. In America, a larger percentage of the basket is given to products and in Germany for social services. The state itself determines the composition of the consumer basket.

There are items that are not included in the consumer basket. These include: gourmet foods, alcoholic beverages, luxury goods. None of these items is considered a person can do. Again, not all countries, in France wine is included, and in Germany – beer is included.

Consumer basket in photos

Photographer Peter Menzel created the project “What to eat on earth?” He created a picture of the average family consumer basket for the week. For each photo he provided the amount of money spent on food per week. First they were published in the book «Hungry Planet». Then they were reprinted by the magazine «Time». You can find these photos in the Internet. And we will mark the average amount spent on consumer baskets in different countries.

Chad. Costs $ 1.23
Bhutan. Costs $ 5.03
Mali: $ 26.39
Ecuador. Costs $ 31.55
India: $ 39.27
Mongolia. Costs $ 40.02
Philippines: $ 49.42
Cuba: $ 56.76
China: $ 57.27
Egypt. Costs $ 68.53
Guatemala: $ 75.70
Turkey: $ 145.88
Poland. Costs $ 151.27
China. Costs $ 155.06
USA. Costs $ 159.18
Bosnia and Herzegovina: $ 167.43
Mexico. Costs $ 189.09
Japan. Costs $ 214.26 per week.
Kuwait. Costs $ 221.45
US: $ 242.48
United Kingdom. Costs $ 253.15
Italy. Spent $ 260.11
Greenland: $ 277.12
Australia: $ 303.75
Japan. Spent $ 317.25
Canada: $ 345
Australia: $ 376.45 per week
Again, the United States. Costs $ 341.98
France: $ 419.95
Luxembourg: $ 465.84
Germany. Costs $ 500.07